Why Buy A Boat At Mears Point Yacht Sales

Whether you are moving up to a larger size, or whether you are purchasing your first vessel, you are beginning a grand adventure, and the process of seeking out your new yacht is one of the most rewarding parts of yacht ownership.

Finding that perfect boat is a real undertaking for an experienced boater. It can be a nearly impossible feat for the new or first time boater. So many choices and different configurations are available to you today, that you’ll probably want to start by narrowing down your choices. To make the task of finding that perfect boat a little easier, we have outlined some basic questions and suggestions for improving the odds that you end up with the right boat to meet your needs.

  • How will your yacht be used, most of the time? (For day trips, occasional overnighters or for extended cruises?)
  • How many people will be on board? (adult and children?)
  • What special requirements do you have? (Shallow draft to allow access to a favorite cruising area, high speed/planing hull vs. economy displacement hull, ability to single-hand, etc.?)

Mears Point Yacht Sales can help you with these and the many other questions that come to mind. We are experts at helping you determine what features are “must-haves,” what features you can compromise on – and what features you can do without.

If you have owned a yacht before, we will ask you “what did you like best about your last yacht – and what did you like the least?” Getting to know you, your expectations and needs is an important part of the buying process at Mears Point Yacht Sales.

An important step in purchasing a boat is having a qualified surveyor inspect the boat and its equipment. We work with several experienced and respected surveyors. The survey process can be confusing and a sticky point of any sale. We will navigate you through the entire process.

Of course, there are also financial considerations – how much do you want to spend? Pre-owned brokerage yachts come in a wide price range, depending on age, condition, make/model and other variables. It all depends on whether you are willing to accept certain trade-offs in exchange for a better price. Considerations such as cosmetic blemishes, single vs. twin engines, diesel vs. gas engines, fewer electronic options, etc. Obviously, there are a lot of considerations to take into account, some of which will be unique to your situation. The safe bet is to choose an experienced broker to guide you through the selection process, then through the closing.

Mears Point Yacht Sales will spend whatever time you need to find the correct boat for you. We are patient and willing to look until the best choice is made.